Nancy Wu is a graphic designer based in New York City. She works with artists, educators, and cultural organizations to design visual identities, websites, books, exhibition graphics, environmental signage, and more. Her approach aims to highlight the nuances of content through thoughtful interaction and careful craftsmanship.
With Projects, Inc.
Studio Lin
Folder Studio
The Underground Museum
UCLA Arts Conditional Studio
Hammer Museum
Clients and Collaborators:
A+D Museum
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Canadian Centre for Architecture
Denniston Hill
Friends of The Rail Park
Gallery Association LA
Jeffrey Deitch
MOS Architects
Princeton School of Architecture
Silverstein Properties
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
The Studio Museum in Harlem
WHY Architects
BA in Design Media Arts, 2021
University of California, Los Angeles
nancyqingwu (at) gmail (dot) com

Open to freelance work and new collaborations.

This site is built by hand and hosted on Netlify. Typeset in AUTHENTIC Sans.

Website is a little handmade web space that features a live feed of urls of a similar sentiment, anonymously contributed by fellow internet travelers. This site is the distillation of extensive research, conversations, and experiments around alternative web practices, decentralized networks, and online gathering.

Smokehouse Associates
The Studio Museum in Harlem
Smokehouse Associates, a New York Times Best Art Book of 2022, is a comprehensive documentation of the eponymous artist collective, featuring essays, interviews, photographs, and unrealized sketches. Established by William T. Williams, Melvin Edwards, Guy Ciarcia and Billy Rose, the group created abstract murals and sculptures to transform their Harlem community while active from 1968 to 1970. Designed at Studio Lin, Art Direction: Studio Lin.

Greetings From
Greetings From is a set of 36 travel postcards from imaginary worlds. The landscape-like images are extrapolated from personal vacation photos using a StyleGAN model. During a time of quarantine and isolation, exchanging print ephemera was a precious means of physical interaction.

(662) MOS ARCH
Princeton School of Architecture
(662) MOS ARCH, held at Princeton School of Architecture, showcases the work and practice of MOS Architects. Much like the MOS office, this exhibition communicates with you via text message. Upon "entering" in-person or remotely, visitors can text the exhibition number to read curatorial statements, object descriptions, and maps to navigate through the space. Designed at Studio Lin, Art Direction: Studio Lin. Photography by Michael Vahrenwald.

Hindsight is Twenty20
Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Hindsight is Twenty20 is a choose-your-own-adventure book by Slow and Steady Wins the Race, a conceptual clothing and accessory line that reinterprets the classical everyday wardrobe. The story delightfully illustrates our post-pandemic reality and engages us to play. Designed at Studio Lin, Art Direction: Studio Lin.

A Section of Now
Canadian Centre for Architecture
A Section of Now speculates how architecture can adapt and propose new solutions in response to shifting social norms, using a framework of six themes: family, property ownership, activism, work, technology, and life expectations. Unnatural iconography and bleak diagrams confront viewers with potential dystopic futures. Designed at Folder Studio.

The Rail Park Time Capsule
Friends of the Rail Park
The Rail Park is an ongoing initative in Philadelphia to transform a three-mile railway into public parks and greenway. The Time Capsule activates and documents The Rail Park community by collecting their memories, stories, and digital artifacts. Designed at Folder Studio.

Processing Patterns
Processing Patterns explores the potential of algorithms and computational speed to create graphic marks. Each pattern is generated using a Processing sketch that draws instances of trigonometric equations, with certain values selected at random.

Gallery Weekend LA 2021
Tri-fold and Map
Gallery Association Los Angeles
Gallery Weekend 2021 was an inaugural four-day event that marked the reopening of many participating Gallery Association Los Angeles art spaces all over the city. Designed at Folder Studio.

The DOWNbeat Summer Banquet
Invitation and Print Ephemera
Denniston Hill
The Denniston Hill artist residency describes its philosophy as the "downbeat," an emphasis on rest and rejuvenation within the creative process, with opportunities to commune with nature and one another. The annual summer banquet invites supporters to gather and celebrate the artists together on the residency campus.

Mirror is one of the first archives that focuses on artists who work with software and create for the internet. This project aims to be a dynamic public resource to discover and learn about software and internet-based art and artists. Designed with Amy Fang and Kai Watanabe at UCLA Arts Conditional Studio.

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